Writers Guidelines

The VietNow National Magazine Is Looking for a Few Good Writers

The editor of the VietNow National Magazine is looking for a few good writers.

VietNow National MagazineFounded in 1982, VietNow is a national organization of military veterans – from VietNow up until now – and various forms of membership are available for veterans and non-veterans.

The VietNow National Magazine is a quarterly, 24-page publication – with a continuous run since 1990.

If you can write about things of interest to Vietnam veterans and their families, and if you believe in what you’re writing – we’d like to hear from you. If you have interesting photos, we’d like to see those, too.

Some of the topics we’re especially interested in are: The POW/MIA issue, Agent Orange, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Veterans Administration, Veterans Memorials, Veterans Incarcerated, feelings about wars, thoughts about veterans, women in the military, short related poetry that makes sense – and yes, even war stories. But don’t limit yourself to the ideas listed here. We’re open to your ideas.

Send submissions to.

If you send poems, keep in mind that shorter is better. And for most stories or articles, 500 words to an absolute maximum of 3,000 words is what we want – this is a small magazine.

Simultaneous submissions: Not a problem.

Previously published: Usually OK, as long as you still own the rights, and you let us know where it was published.

Maybe you’re wondering what’s in this for you. As a non-profit organization, VietNow doesn’t pay cash to contributors – but if your article is published, you’ll get a byline with a short bio, you can expect that your words will be read by as many as 15,000 readers all around the country, and you’ll get a copy of the magazine where your article appears. And we put most of our articles on our web site.

Send your work to us: editor at vietnow dot com. Also feel free to ask questions or send query letters any time.

If you prefer the U.S. Postal Service, write us at:
Christian Nelson
VietNow National Editor
P.O. Box 117
Oronoco, Minnesota 55960

When sending articles or photos by mail, do not send your only copies. We’ll treat your submissions with all due care, but things can get lost in the mail, so please be sure you have extra copies of all your work. And be sure to send along a self-addressed, envelope – large enough and with sufficient postage for the return of your material if you’d like to have it back.

Reporting time expected to be three to six weeks – sometimes longer, sometimes less.

Christian Nelson, VietNow National Editor
editor at vietnow dot com