Minneapolis VA Medical Center
VA Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

VA: Department of Veterans Affairs

There aren’t many things the federal government does that have a more noble purpose than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – better known as the VA.

Health Care: The VA operates the nation’s largest integrated health-care system, with more than 1,700 hospitals, clinics, community living centers, domiciliaries, readjustment counseling centers, and other facilities. Benefits: VA administers a variety of benefits and services that provide financial and other forms of assistance to service members, veterans, their dependents, and survivors. Burials and Memorials: VA operates 131 national cemeteries in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Burial and memorial benefits are available for eligible service members, veterans, and family members.

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According to their official web site, the VA does all this – and more. A lot more. For many veterans, the VA is the only hope for getting financial compensation for service-connected health problems and health care. For veterans in need, the VA is there.

But the VA is not perfect. And this is the reason that, for many years, VietNow National has had a VA Committee whose job it is to keep track of what the VA is doing, try to figure out what the VA is planning, and to help veterans get a better understanding of the VA system.

VietNow has no official connection with the VA, but many VietNow members are former VA employees, and VietNow members often visit patients in VA hospitals – providing help for veterans who may otherwise not have available friends and family visitors.

Here’s a listing of a few articles from our magazine – articles regarding the VA. And don’t forget to check our VA Claims page for more information on the VA claims system.


VA remand letter.
Remand letter? No rating?
Did you get a letter from the Board of Veterans Appeals? Did you know what to do about it?

Vet2Vet: Roundup of VA news
What’s new with the VA.

Veterans Administration stamp.
Vet2Vet: New leadership at the VA (Again)
Also, Camp Lejeune illness, denied VA claims, and secondary connections.

Magnifying glass over text.
Vet2Vet: VA legislation, an extension, and a survey
As usual, there’s a lot of interesting news related to the VA (Veterans Administration).

VA Womens Chat Line
Vet2Vet: Womens chat line, new apps, and counting
The VA continues with innovations and trying to improve things for veterans.

Vet2Vet: Nothing surprises us anymore
There’s a never-ending flow of news about the VA. Much of it is not good.

Illustration of hospital.
Can you get health care outside the VA system?
If you’re tired of waiting for a VA appointment, check into the Veterans Choice program. Have they told you there’s going to be a long wait? Maybe you can get care at a facility outside the VA.

Vet2Vet: Surveys, companion dogs, and more
Veterans might be eligible for free companion dogs. If you think the VA should be shut down, think again.

Vet2Vet: It’s the VA – what else is new?
Your call is very important to us. Really?

Vet2Vet: Wait times, IED effects, Obamacare, and more
As usual, there’s a lot going on with the VA, and we tell you all about it.

Vet2Vet: The VA – common sense, promises, etc.
Are you confused by what’s going on with the VA these days? Don’t feel bad, we’re confused, too.

Vet2Vet: Lost records at the VA and other problems
Thousands of lost VA claims were found recently in a file cabinet at the Oakland VA.

Vet2Vet: Some positive signs at the VA
After lots of talk and promises, a few things seem to be improving.

Vet2Vet: Everything is beautiful at the VA
Everything is beautiful at the VA. Or maybe not. But there are some good things happening.

Vet2Vet: Veterans are dying in the VA system
Veterans are dying because of negligence, neglect, and malfeasance in the VA medical system.

The chaotic state of the VA
A long-time VA employee talks about some of the big problems at the VA.

VA hospital aviary re-dedicated
Berwyn/Cicero VietNow chapter re-dedicates the aviary they donated over 20 years ago.

Vet2Vet: Strange goings-on at the VA
Lots of problems at the VA make you wonder what’s really going on.

Vet2Vet: The VA is spending $200k for artwork, overdosing patients, and more
Why spend so much money on artwork? And why does it seem that the VA is over-medicating patients?

Vet2Vet: Are you sure it’s PTSD? Claims backlog is broken. And more
Some of the problems we think are PTSD may be something else. And – the VA says the claims backlog is broken.

Vet2Vet: The stress of military life doesn’t “just end” when you get out. (And more.)
News and interesting thoughts about the VA and other veterans issues.

Vet2Vet: The wait goes on
The waiting time for compensation gets longer and longer. Hearing problems are common. And are you really serious?