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Secrets of the VA Claims Process

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Your VA claim got you down? Are you worrying about a VA claim that just never seems to go anywhere? Has your VA claim been denied, and you don’t understand why? When there’s trouble with your VA claim, do you know what to do? When you have to file a VA claim, chances are pretty good that you’re having lots of problems already, and the last thing you need is a hassle getting the VA benefits you’ve earned.

Why is the process so complicated? Why does everything take so long? What is the VA saying when they send me those letters that don’t make sense? Is there anything I can do? Can anyone help me? VietNow can’t guarantee that you’ll get everything you want and everything you deserve from the VA. No one can do that. But we do have two experts on the claims process who graciously (and generously) provide us with some answers to the riddles of the VA process.


VA remand letter.
Remand letter? No rating?
Did you get a letter from the Board of Veterans Appeals? Did you know what to do about it?

Nerve cell.
Health guru faces Agent Orange ailment and VA denial
When a Vietnam veteran was turned down by the VA because his condition wasn’t on the VA’s Agent Orange presumptive list, he got some outside help, and ended up winning his case.

Medical imagery for arthritis.
Your VA claim for arthritis
It’s possible to get a service-connected disability rating if you suffer from this common condition.

Illustration of hospital.
If you’re tired of waiting for a VA appointment, check into the Veterans Choice program
Have they told you there’s going to be a long wait? Maybe you can get care at a facility outside the VA?

Vet2Vet: Lost records at the VA and other problems
Thousand of lost VA claims were found recently in a file cabinet at the Oakland VA.

Veteran benefit buyout plans and other bad ideas
Is someone offering you quick cash in exchange for our benefits? Beware.

Man.VA pension claims
Are you eligible for a VA pension?

Service connection for asbestos-related diseases
If you were exposed to asbestos, whether you think it was service-related or not, you should get medical advice to see if you have any problems developing.

Understanding VA combined evaluations
You’re going to love finding out about the way the VA figures combined disabilities.

Secondary service connection
Do you have a non-service-connected disability that you think is related to your service-connected disability? Get the details on how you might get the two linked together.

Do you know where your records are?
Probably not. But this road map might give you some idea where to look for your service records.

That ringing or buzzing sound in your ears might be a service-related condition entitled to compensation from the VA.

Hearing-loss claims and the VA
Getting service connection for hearing loss isn’t easy, but it can be done.

Filing your VA disability claim
Agonizing or rewarding? There’s a lot you can do to influence the outcome of the claims process.

Your VA appeal
If your VA claim is denied, don’t give up. Although the appeals process can be a long road, filled with piles of paperwork and delays, it’s nowhere near impossible – and our VA claims expert gives these clues for how to do it.

Your VA claim for sexual trauma
A bad situation can be made better with this information and advice from our VA claims expert.

Agent Orange and your VA claim
The ins and outs of your VA claim for health problems related to Agent Orange exposure.

PTSD and your VA claim
Are you thinking about filing a claim for service-connected PTSD? Or have you done that already and come up empty? Here’s some advice from an expert in the field of VA claims.