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The VietNow Story

VietNow Is Veterans Helping Veterans for Over 30 Years:
Veterans From Vietnam to Now

VietNow is the veterans organization you always meant to join, but just never quite got around to. VietNow is a veterans group made up of people just like you. And the reason you should care is because VietNow is working every day on the veterans issues that are important to you right now – today.

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Maybe you’ve tried some of the other veterans groups, but never really felt like you fit in. Or maybe the group just never seemed to really do anything. Well, VietNow is different.

VietNow is for veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces from 1957 right up until now. And it’s also for people who know and care about these veterans. Lots of our members are Vietnam veterans, but that’s not a requirement for membership.

As a family-based organization, VietNow is fun for everyone. We’ve got Vietnam veterans, Gulf War veterans, veterans who weren’t in any war, parents of veterans, wives and children of veterans, and lots of other people who just care about veterans issues.

How did VietNow get started?

VietNow founders

Joe Falzone
and Nick Parnello

Legend has it that in Vietnam, sometime in 1969, two soldiers from the same hometown (Rockford, Illinois) met up with each other on a hilltop near Pleiku – and promised each other that if they ever made it back home, they would get together sometime for dinner, and to talk over their war-time adventures.

Whether or not the events in the legend actually happened doesn’t really matter, but sometime in the early 1980s those two soldiers, Nick Parnello and Joe Falzone, did get together for dinner and to talk about their Vietnam experience.

Later, those two veterans came together with other founding members, John Berg, Don AllenDave Osborne, and Frank DeLoach, and from those beginnings, VietNow was formed – first with the group in Rockford that just kept growing and growing, until a few years later, the group went national, forming chapters all around the country. Since those days, VietNow has changed with the times – starting with a focus on the Vietnam experience, and along the way, picking up on veterans and veterans issues right up to the present day.

But no matter what the issue, VietNow’s primary focus has always been on veterans and the families of the veterans.

How is VietNow different from the other veterans groups I’ve seen?

VietNow members do more than just go to meetings. We originally came together to share our common experiences, but we’ve stayed together all these years because of what we’ve been able to do for each other. “Veterans Helping Veterans” really is more than just our motto. For VietNow members, “Veterans Helping Veterans” is a way of life.

Another way VietNow is different is the family involvement. VietNow is for more than just you. It’s for your whole family. Veterans issues, memories, and fun are all important, but even more important is the connection with the family – and that’s something VietNow never forgets.

Yes, but what’s all that mean? It sounds good – but what, exactly, is it that you do? And what’s the deal with those cool hats?

VietNow people are busy people. We have lots of fun at meetings, parties, and conventions – but we’re also busy working on problems and issues that are important to all of us. We don’t spend a lot of time just sitting around.

And because we’re involved in so many things, we just don’t have room here to tell you about everything on one page.

Click one of the icons representing some of our main issues to find out more about what we’re doing. We think you’ll be favorably impressed.

OK, I’m going to find out more – but first – what about those VietNow hats? I really want one!

The VietNow hats. Well, that’s just one more good thing about being a member of VietNow. At The Wall in Washington, at veterans events all around the country, you’ll see people wearing lots of hats, but the ones that stand out the most are always the distinctive hats of VietNow – and as a new VietNow member, you’ll soon find a VietNow hat on top of your own head.

These hats aren’t available in stores, and you can’t buy them through a special TV offer – nope. There’s only one way to get one. You have to be a VietNow member.”

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