Homeless Veterans

Homeless veterans are everywhere. In big cities. Small towns. Suburban areas. Everywhere.

These are men who served their country. Many of them served in Vietnam. For any combination of reasons, many veterans have found themselves living on the streets.

Led by Rich Sanders (VietNow National President), the VietNow National Board, and Jim Profitt (VietNow National Homeless Chairman), VietNow has programs to help these homeless veterans. Whether the help involves providing food, helping them find places to live, or participating in stand-downs, VietNow is working to help.

Read some of the articles below to find out more.

Going on the food run with Jimmy Proffitt
For over 20 years, VietNow member Jimmy Proffitt and his amazing crew have been handing out lunches to the homeless on the cold streets of Chicago.

Pineapple Avenue
VietNow and VOA helping homeless veterans.

Feeding homeless veterans every weekend
Feeding the homeless in Chicago.

Stand-down for homeless veterans
VietNow members come through.

The streets are cold
VietNow members bringing some warmth (and food) to homeless veterans.