VietNow Founder Helping More Than Veterans

Nick Parnello, right, showing a passenger how the controls work in his Cessna 172. Rockford Register-Star photo.

Nick Parnello, original founder of VietNow, is no longer an active part of VietNow, but he’s still active in helping veterans *and* other people. On June 25, Parnello, a licensed Commercial Pilot, set up a fun day of free airplane rides for young people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Photos From Our 32nd Annual National Convention

Our 32nd Annual National Convention was a great success, and we have hundreds of photos to prove it. Click here to view photos.

New VA Budget Proposal to Cut Benefits for Older “Unemployable” Veterans

VA benefits to be cut.

Many veterans who have been dissatisfied with the care they receive at VA Medical Centers have pushed hard to be allowed to get medical care outside the Department of Veterans Affairs. This has resulted in the Veterans Choice Program that lets veterans, in some cases, get the care they want in the private sector, at the VA’s expense.

But care at outside facilities (such as local hospitals) is often far more expensive for the government than care provided at the VA Medical Centers. So President Trump’s budget, which was announced recently, proposes cutting monthly stipends to some disabled and unemployed veterans, and reducing the veterans’ cost-of-living adjustment in order to offset the costs for the Veterans Choice program.

VietNow National President Joe Lewis, in an e-mail sent to VietNow National officers, board members, and others, said that this budget proposal “would remove from you several hundred dollars per month in your income,” apparently referring to veterans who are listed as “unemployable” as part of their 100 percent Total Disability rating.

Lewis also said, “We need to start working to remove the possibility of this ever coming into full blossom.”

Read more about this budget proposal and what effects this could have on older disabled veterans.

Budget Call for Cuts to VA Programs as Tradeoff for Extending Choice

Elderly Vets Could Face Benefits Cut Under Trump Budget

Trump Budget Plan Would Cut Benefits for Some Disabled Veterans


President Trump signs bill to honor Vietnam veterans every March 29

Vietnam Veterans Day

March 29th marks the anniversary of when American combat troops and support units withdrew from South Vietnam in 1973.

Now a bill sponsored by Senator Pat Toomey, and signed into law by President Donald Trump, designates March 29th as National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

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Spring 2017 Issue in the mail

Spring 2017 VietNow National Magazine cover.

We publish a new issue of the VietNow National Magazine every three months – it’s a quarterly publication – and it’s filled with stories and articles of interest to Vietnam veterans, their family members, and other veterans, too. The latest issue is in the mail right now.

If you’re not a VietNow member, you should join VietNow. Right now. And get your own copy delivered to your door four times a year. You’ll get the magazine and a lot more.

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Mayo Clinic and Veterans

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has a long history of working with the military and with veterans. Here’s an example of some Mayo people going above and beyond to help a veteran in his final hours.

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VietNow National Board Nominee Bios

VietNow National Board Nominee Bios.

VietNow National Elections are coming up soon. If you want to know more about the nominees for officer and board positions, click here.

Tell us your story

Fingers typing on keyboard.

As always, we’re looking for stories, articles, and photos, related to the Vietnam War, veterans issues, and more.

If you have a story to tell about your experience during the Vietnam War, whether you went to Vietnam or not – or if you have something to say about the way you felt after the war, health problems you’ve suffered that are related to your military experience – we’d like to hear from you.

Getting your story in the VietNow National Magazine and on our web site means that thousands of other Vietnam veterans, family members of veterans, and many, many others will read what you wrote. [Read more…]

Partially disabled license plates

Partially disabled license plate

Here’s part of an e-mail we got from Ray B. Davis Jr.

I just renewed my NC Partially disabled license plate and to my surprise when it came in the mail, it had a handicap emblem which allows parking in a designated handicap parking space.

Many years ago I had mentioned this in the news e-mails, but it never passed the NC Legislature. But it was reintroduced year after year and has finally become law. So if you are in North Carolina and have a disability rating from the Dept. of veterans Affairs you can apply for the NC Partially Disabled license plate at the State DMV. North Carolina DMV Everyone else can go to their own state’s veterans web site to check on benefits in their State at:
Check benefits in your state

New Vietnam Veterans Online Forum

Vietnam veterans forum.

Our original “Locator and Message Board” did a great job of helping veterans (and family members) keep up on veterans issues, and was a great place to ask questions – but eventually things wear out, and it finally became necessary for us to set up a new and improved veterans forum.

This new Vietnam Veterans Forum should be easier to use, and should be much easier to read and to figure out what’s going on. That’s our hope, and we also hope that you will give it a try. Of course there won’t be many messages or postings on the forum at first, but we expect the forum to become an active, interesting, and even fun place fairly soon.

Take a look, and feel free to post something.